Today's date is April 13, 2021

Torres and Rangel Stand with Crist in New Ad, Webster Immigration Confusion, and County Commission vs OC School Board -FPFT Daily Wrap 11-6-13


A lot going on in the World of Central Florida Politics, here we go.

Charlie Crist released a campaign video of his Candidacy announcement and two Central Florida Lawmakers were featured heavily in the ad. State Representatives Victor Torres and Ricardo Rangel could be spotted a few times in the ad. What kind of role will they play in the Crist campaign here in the region.

There is a big mix-up with the Immigration Reform Push here in Orlando. Activists are rallying against Congressman Daniel Webster, when he’s the one GOP Lawmaker from the area who is already on the record, saying he’s open to listening to debate over the current plan that was sponsored by Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Painting him as an opponent of this sweeping legislation is simply inaccurate.

I’ve also got more coverage of that controversial High School vote from the Orange County Commission last night and why Commissioner Ted Edwards is the real wildcard vote in that “animated” group of lawmakers.

All of this in your daily wrap. See you tomorrow!

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