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Pearson Banks 11.5K for October in Florida House 47 Race


Environmental Consultant Mo Pearson banked 11.5k in Campaign Donations for the month of October, setting the pace for another successful quarter of fundraising.

New Election Laws taking effect this month require candidates to file donations on a monthly basis instead of every quarter. This provides more transparency with fundraising but puts more scrutiny on candidates and fundraisers to provide consistent earnings.

The majority of his donations for the quarter were corporate donations from the healthcare, government relations fields.

Pearson is coming off a huge 3rd quarter which saw him bank about 43k, including about 13.5 in self donations, which unlike loans can’t be paid back through the campaign with revenue from elsewhere. He easily won last quarter, raising more in that length of time than incumbent Linda Stewart has the entire race.

Early points of interests in a potential general election with Stewart would be the environment with his professional background, and her past activism with the issues. In early discussions with both candidates, Pearson has pointed out that this is what he does everyday and his occupation will gives him insight on how the issues effects families everyday, Stewart has made it a point to sponsor Bi-Partisan legislation next session to protect Wekiva Springs, and water sources throughout the state.

Pearson does have a Republican Primary to win first. He’s matched up against Law Clerk Erik Arroyo. Stewart won the new seat in 2012, with a strong push from the Obama for America Campaign.


Pearson is off to an impressive fundraising start in his D47 Contest

Pearson is off to an impressive fundraising start in his D47 Contest

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