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Frank’s Political Notebook for 11-8-13: Stand Your Ground, Jacobs Fundraising, and Nan Rich


First off, Sorry..

I haven’t been posting as much these days. I’m working on a really big project and that’s taken up most of my time. Still, I’ve got time to breakdown a few notes and observations for you.

1. The Push to Change/Repeal Stand Your Ground was defeated yesterday but will still play a role in the elections next year: The Bill to Change/Repeal the Stand Your Ground Self Defense Law was defeated in Committee yesterday in Tallahassee, which is a major setback for opponents of the law that believe it played a role in the death of Trayvon Martin, even though it wasn’t cited in the case. Martin’s attacker, George Zimmerman, who was found Not Guilty this past summer. The incident occurred in Sanford. It doesn’t look like opponents will quit just yet, and State House Candidates should expect to answer questions about the controversial law on the campaign trail next year. Polling indicates that Stand Your Ground has the support from the majority of Floridians.

2. The New Reporting Rules for Fundraising are really taking the fun out of the anticipation of “the Big Announcement Haul“. True Politicos know that money is the Queen of Politics (Votes are King) and fundraising numbers can often be the pulse of a campaign. Simply put, if people believe in a candidate, they’ll open their wallets. The new reporting can make that pulse harder to take. The note is my example.

3. Mayor Teresa Jacobs Brings in 4,375 in October: You see? Now for all we know, Jacobs holds a few fundraisers before the end of the year and what is a small monthly number, turns into a less flattering quarter number. I know you’re wondering but the majority of Jacob’s haul were from businesses inside of the county. Good info coming for the Mayor race before the beginning of next week. You can read all of my notes on the Orange County Mayor Race HERE.

4. Nan Rich opens up attacks on Charlie Crist: The Palm Beach Post is reporting that former State Senator Nan Rich has opened up attacks on Charlie Crist and is going after the Ex Republican on education, gun control, and abortion (that story HERE).

Rich has no other cards to play here. Charlie entered the contest and produced a whirl-wind of national publicity, and many Democrats have pushed away his conservative past and see him as their best chance to defeat Rick Scott next year.

I’ll have more for you tomorrow. Great stuff coming soon!

The latest push to repeal Stand Your Ground has failed but expect Activists to try again

The latest push to repeal Stand Your Ground has failed but expect Activists to try again

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