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Sullivan Leads October Fundraising Pack in Florida House 31 Race


The Hyper-Competitive race to replaced termed out incumbent Bryan Nelson in Florida House 31, shifted with new Donation Reporting Regulations, that require candidates to report every month, instead of every quarter which makes this 7 way derby even more interesting to track.

Jennifer Sullivan won the money chase for October, raising about 7k. She is on pace for a good quarter, but will need more to keep that still young campaign moving forward. She continues to be the definition of a grassroots campaign, a lot of “love money” from family and friends. The majority of her haul were small donations under $100 from within the district. She’s raised 20k and has about 16k on hand. She is currently 4th in money raised among candidates at this point

Terri Seefeldt raised $6100 with about $5,500 coming from PACs and her colleagues in the Insurance Industry. She’s been campaigning hard against Obamacare in the past few months and that message is resonating with the electorate, especially with all of the problems implementing the massive legislation. She is 2nd among the candidates having raised about 42k with 36k on hand.

The overall money leader Randy Glisson finally slowed a bit with the new reporting rules. He raised 5k in October and is on pace for 15 this quarter. That’s fine for this contest but it would be Glisson’s slowest quarter in some time. He had help from PACs as well but also a few smaller donations from his “$31 for District 31” push. He’s raised about 75k for the campaign (He’s loaned himself 15 in planned amounts each quarter) and has about 67k on hand. With the holidays coming up he might pump the brakes a bit.

Betty Hensinger raised $1500 in October and spent $1508. She’ll stay 3rd in fundraising for now but she is trending down and on pace for her lowest quarter yet. All of the donations were from individuals.

Belita “B” Grassel raised $1,315 for the month of October. The majority of her contributions continue to come from teachers and retirees. Her one expenditure? $90 on advertising with the Lake County Democratic Executive Committee. Keep in mind she is a Republican running in a GOP primary but regardless has donated to Democrats in other races and has opposed a lot of GOP views. The true question mark in this race.

Joseph Stephens has not registered any fundraising activity.

The lone Democrat in the contest Jake Seymour raised $450 last month.


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