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Interview with Edward DeAguilera Candidate for State Senate District 12


I’m happy to continue our Interview Series today! We continue with our first segment with a candidate for the State Senate this year, and it’s a good one.

Edward DeAguilera is running for Senate in District 12 seat and he had a lot to say about his contest and what he would like to accomplish if elected by the people in November.

Here we go!

FT: Hello Mr. DeAugilera! How is the campaign going? What are you hearing from District 12 voters while campaigning?

Edward DeAguileara: We are doing FANTASTIC! This early on we’ve focused on fundraising and as one would see on my financial reports, district residents believe we need a change in our representation and are investing in my campaign. The majority of my contributions are from voters in the district, not special interests or lobbyist. Additionally, we will start our neighborhood walks and coffees in the coming weeks. I’m especially excited about this phase of our grassroots campaign because it’s the one on one time with voters.

FT: You’ve said “We do not need to transform our Country, we need to change the way we do politics.” in your correspondence and on-line. Could you give us some example of some changes we need in Tallahassee?

DeAguilera: I believe government sometimes loses sight of its purpose because they get so wrapped up in big picture objects. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have a game plan, but it’s equally important to remember how implemented policy (laws) affect people on an everyday basis. My objective is to always be the voice for our communities while still working towards moving the State of Florida forward. True transparency and effective communication for constituents is crucial. Let us utilize social media and other forms of traditional forms of communication to inform our residents with updates in Tallahassee.

FT: If you’re elected, what committees can you see yourself on in the State Senate? Also, what issues will you be paying extra attention to during session this year?

DeAguilera: Florida faces many complex issues and ALL truly effect the residents of District 12. Some key issues will be the status of gambling in Florida, education funding, the reliance of Citizens insurance, and expanding true economic development with full transparency in the State. Some of the committees with a special interest would be: Commerce & Tourism, Children, Families and Elder Affairs and Community Affairs. We need to make sure that the voice of the residents of District 12 are truly represented in Tallahassee.

FT: Now, you’re going up against an incumbent that’s been in the State Legislature in some capacity for a few years now. Why should voters make the switch and send you to Tallahassee?

DeAguilera: For too many years residents of the district have settled for status quo – this is simply not acceptable, We CAN do better. I think it is also important to point out that this district needs a leader, one who can think in creative ways to ensure a great education, support the entrepreneurial spirit and one who can assist in bringing jobs to our community. The State of Florida is facing complex issues and we need individuals who is willing to tackle these issues, to create an environment that will allow individuals hope, encouragement and acceptance through advocacy, education and awareness so that each may realize their potential as members of our community.

FT: I always like to end on a happy and positive note. What is something the voters might not know about Edward DeAguilera or his campaign?

DeAguilera: I’m not only a native Floridian… I’m a native of this district (as are my 2 children)!I have the honor of being raised in the district, went to school in the district, I even work in District 12. I truly understand our community and have seen this area change with growth and how our community has had an explosion of diversity. This area is so special to me as my kids both attend schools in the district and is a place that I am honored to call HOME! I truly believe that serving your community is a calling and so proud to have worked in the nonprofit arena for nearly 15 years. Service to our community is truly a calling!


I’d like to thank Mr. DeAguilera for taking the time to interview with FPFT and we’ll hear from him again in a few months. He’s competing in D12 against Fritz Jackson Seide in the Republican primary and the winner will face Incumbent Geraldine Thompson in November. Both of them have also been invited to interview with me.

Edward DeAguilera Florida State Senate district 12


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