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Supporters of Venezuela to turn to Alan Grayson for Action


Right now, the Venezuelan government led by Nicholas Maduro (the protege of the late Hugo Chavez) is taking violent action against students demonstrators who are pushing for justice and more action from their Government to increase their quality of life. 13 demonstrators have been killed, hundreds more arrested, and civilians have clashed with military (the full story HERE).

Events all over the country took place over the weekend to voice American support for those being oppressed by the Venezuelan Government including on rally that was held here in Orlando.

Supporters told El Sentinel that they plan to reach out to their government officials on Tuesday, starting with 9th District Congressman Alan Grayson (that story HERE). They cited his position on the South American Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee as why they’ll be concentrating on him.

It’s unclear what Grayson will do outside of lending a friendly ear and a statement of support. He’s a staunch advocate against any American involvement in Foreign Affairs. He’s been a loud voice for quickly ending the Iraqi and Afghan conflicts and has accused military contractors of financially abusing the government. Most recently, he sided with Republicans over President Obama for intervention in Syria. It would be a change of behavior for him to call for any activity that would involve extensive American involvement.

It is an election year though and Grayson’s district consists of parts of East Orlando and Osceola County both areas with a heavy Hispanic population. It’s possible he can’t afford not to act.

As mentioned before, supporters will be meeting with him on Tuesday. I’ll see what he does and report back to you.

While Grayson has open channels of communication with the Hispanic Community, it's unclear if he'll break his anti-intervention trend to help Venezuela

While Grayson has open channels of communication with the Hispanic Community, it’s unclear if he’ll break his anti-intervention trend to help Venezuela


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