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Commissioner Brummer’s Political Posture Indicates He’s Not Done Yet


Yesterday, Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer issued a memo proposing sweeping changes to County Offices, Petition Requirements, Non-partisanship at County Levels, and even the size of the Board of County Commissioners himself. It’s required reading and you can check out the Sentinel article HERE.

The District 2 Rep is termed out and will be out of office next year. He’s previously said that he won’t run for District 31 in the State House, where he’s served before (that story HERE).

As I type, he’s accusing County Tax Collector Scott Randolph of stealing business from Local Veterinarians by offering a mobile pet health service at one of his branches.

So why take this posture now? What’s with all of these sweeping, controversial proposals when you have no future political plans? What’s his endgame?

You could have a marching band roll through a Commission meeting and still not be able to pull Brummer’s eyes from his computer screen during a meeting. He’s been grouchy, unapologetic “No” vote during many emotional issues. He doesn’t like Soccer Stadiums, and could care less how many crying activists address him at the podium.

He’s also far and away the most Conservative member of the Board.

One source close to the House District 31 race has told me that he hasn’t completely ruled out jumping in to that contest, where he would enjoy high name ID in his current Apopka area district, and tout experience with his previous time in Tallahassee. Incumbent Bryan Nelson is termed out and running for Brummer’s D2 seat. It would make what’s already a competitive House race even more intriguing.

Lawmakers don’t act like this unless there is a plan. What’s his?

Brummers recent moves hint at something after he's done on the OC Commission

Brummers recent moves hint at something after he’s done on the OC Commission


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