Today's date is October 23, 2021

Seminole County Supervisor of Elections to Hold Candidate Workshop later this Month


Seminole County Supervisor of Election Michael Ertel has announced that his team will be holding a Candidate Workshop on Wednesday, March 26 from 7-8:30 p.m. at their office on 1500 East Airport Blvd., in Sanford.

The SOE and his staff will be covering topics such as

–Campaign finance laws

–Treasurer’s reporting

–Advertising disclaimers

–Accessing voter lists

–Telephone solicitation rules

–The petition process

–Regulations pertaining to signs

–Absentee ballot process

–Early voting

–Solicitation at the polls

–Resources of the elections office at your fingertips

–New laws relating to elections

and much more.

In my opinion it’s a mandatory stop for Candidates, Operatives, and Members of the Media, to gain a better understanding of the process. These are the rules of the game and we’re listening to the referee.

Ertel also has a strong reputation of being easily approachable, very patient and most of important of all, extremely thorough. He’s been an featured expert on national television on controversial election issues. Last year his team won an award from the International Center for Parliamentary Studies (that story HERE).

If you have any questions, please visit their Website HERE

Go Vote!

Go Vote!


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