Today's date is October 23, 2021

Mayor Dyer said there wasn't a public outcry over Tinker Field demolition plans on Sunday TV


Yesterday, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer appeared on Central Florida Spotlight and spoke about the Citrus Bowl renovations as well as the possible destruction of Tinker Field.

The latter has been the source of much controversy. Many Orlando residents are fond of Tinker Field’s place in the history of the City Beautiful that has had many notable times including an event featuring Civil Rights Hero Martin Luther King Jr.

Mayor Dyer’s comments on that controversy was a little surprising.

“There wasn’t really any public outcry, there was a commissioner and the media a little bit but most of the citizens I’ve talked to are ‘why are you tearing that down now?'” thats at about the 2min mark of the interview.

There was in fact many reports and outcry on social media over the rushed plans to destroy Tinker Field.

He continued that workshops were being held to listen to voters and that he “was going to let it sit for now”.

The interview continued and he laid out the plans over Citrus Bowl Construction and the sequence of phases which would ultimately lead to a brand new chapter for a venue that’s 80 years old. The field is estimated to be game ready by November.

It’s good television. You can watch the whole interview below.


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