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More Mysterious Mailers Appear in Apopka Mayor Race


Less than 24 hours after I told you about a controversial mailer in the Apopka Mayor race, which implied an endorsement that never took place (that story HERE and it was also picked up by the Sentinel this afternoon that story HERE.), we’ve got more mysterious flyers, hitting voter mailboxes just days before they head to the polls to choose between longtime incumbent John Land and Public Relations Consultant Joe Kilsheimer.

The mail in question are all Pro-Land or Anti-Kilsheimer pieces of literature, and were sent by The Florida TEA Party, an organization that was at one time at war with the Grassroots movement who’s name it bears. And the Apopka Republican’s Club as well the “Citizens for an Honest Apopka”, two clubs that can’t be found or identified in state records or internet searches.

In an email, the Kilsheimer campaign responded with the following statement

We think it is shameful that Mayor Land would associate himself with a known
criminal as part of a desperate bid to hold on to power.

The criminal mentioned Kilsheimer’s statement is Campaign Consultant Doug Guetzloe who has been jailed for violating campaign law in the past (that story HERE) and has had affiliations with the Florida TEA Party. The campaign believes he is the decision maker behind these mail pieces.

Guetzloe or Mayor John Land’s campaign could not be reached for comment. If they respond, I’ll update this post.

I’ve attached the mail pieces for you below. This is a developing story. Please check back for more.

Land DG Mailer

Land DG Mailer 2

Land DG mailer 3

Land DG Mailer 4

Land DG mailer 5


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  2. Faith A Waites on

    With TEA party friends JOHN LAND proves HE is the RIGHT WING CANDIDATE in Apopka. Associating with a known criminal like Guetzloe does not instill confidence in his ability to run the city & jeopardizes his credibility. This may well be his political downfall.

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