Today's date is September 27, 2021

Joe Kilsheimer Wins Apopka Mayor Race


In what was a wild fight over who would lead the 2nd largest city in Orange County, Public Relations Consultant Joe Kilsheimer defeated the 93 year old, incumbent John Land who has been Apopka’s Mayor for most of the last 60 years by a margin of 54 to 46 percent .

Instant Analysis: Kilsheimer simply had a more appealing message for growth and got the jump on the sleeping incumbent, that hadn’t face a serious political challenge in over a decade. Apopka really is an empty canvass, where the people and it’s leaders can really decide how to define it’s community, and steer it in the direction of where it wants it’s future to go. There was also some mis-cues from Land’s campaign. There was the mailer that implied an endorsement from the Apopka Nuns, that went poorly and they refused to retract it (that story HERE). There was also the Orlando Sentinel, who fired off a regular salvo at Land for the lack of movement in the community. It was a remarkable race for an area that really deserved it. Municipal politics at it’s best.

Joe Kilsheimer


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