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Video: Attack ad in House 31 says Seefeldt too liberal, Sullivan too young, praises Glisson


One of the most competitive Florida House races of 2014 took a negative turn today, when an attack ad began airing on cable television, slamming two of the frontrunners in House District 31 and praising a 3rd.

The ad starts off with a comparison of the three candidates and says the following

Terri Seefeldt. Just too liberal. Seefeldt supports Obamacare. Jennifer Sullivan. Just too young. Only 22 and still living at home. Jennifer Sullivan just doesn’t have any real world understanding of the problems facing families. Conservative Republican Randy Glisson. Just right. Endorsed by Sheriff Gary Borders. Randy is a successful businessman, and doctor. Conservative Republican Randy Glisson.”

The ad is paid for by Families for Lower Taxes. This group has no on-line identity and the address has been traced to a PO Box in Melbourne.

UPDATE: A spokeswoman from Jennifer Sullivan’s campaign said they haven’t seen the ad yet. Glisson campaign Spokesman Chip Case said that he saw the add for the first time on this blog and was not aware of it.

Seefeldt issued a full statement slamming the add and accusing the Florida Trial Lawyers Association of “Disingenuous” tactics (that story HERE).

Take a look at the spot below..

My experience covering this race for over a year will tell you that Ms. Seefeldt does not support Obamacare. In fact, her platform is centered around opposing it. Ms. Sullivan has never hidden her age, and her Youth Development position involves heavy travel. These aren’t excuses. They’re facts. When anonymous groups run commercials like these, it hurts transparency with voters, when the media can’t ask follow-ups on the reasoning behind the ad.

This is the first negative turn in House 31. It’s an all Republican field that also features Teacher Union Rep. B. Grassel and Fraud Investigator Joseph Stephens. They are all running to replace termed out incumbent Bryan Nelson in the district that consists of parts of Orange and Lake County.


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