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RPOF Chair Debate Organizers to take vote on opening up forum to press and all GOP members


After facing strong objections from members of their party. Organizers for Friday night’s Candidate Forum between the Candidates for Chairperson of the Republican Party have determine to take a vote, to decide whether the debate will be open to all of it’s members and to the media.

Organizers sent out this email to party members this morning…

Fellow Chairs, SCM/SCW:

We have heard from many of you over the last couple of days as to your thoughts on the forum.

First off, you are happy that the forum is happening and you will have the opportunity to hear from the candidates their views on and vision for the RPOF.

But pertaining to the attendees and audience for the forum – there is some disagreement.

Some say this first forum should be a conversation amongst the family and there is no reason to completely open it up to outside folks, especially some that are not friends of the GOP or conservative causes. Especially considering that strategy and vision for the RPOF and the 2016 Election will be discussed.

Others say open it to everyone and anyone who wants to attend or watch. There’s nothing to worry about and the candidates for chairs are going to be under public and press scrutiny anyway – especially if elected.

Our question to the County Chairs and the SCM/SCW – you decide and let us know your thoughts by emailing both of us as soon as possible. We will honor the desire of the SEC to open or close the forum.

Candidates running for Chairperson include incumbent Leslie Dougher, Grassroots favorite Eric Miller, State Rep. Blaise Ingoglia, and Former State Representative Kurt Kelly. Republicans badly want to use this momentum to turn Florida red in the race for the White House in 2016.

Debate organizers will put admission of members and media to a vote

Debate organizers will put admission of members and media to a vote


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