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After Dougher ouster, Gardiner group moves 800K, Exec Director quits


Information and Photo Credit attributed to Matt Dixon Political Fix (READ THE ARTICLE HERE)

After State Representative Blaise Ingoglia was elected the new Chairman of the Republican Party yesterday morning in Orlando, there were a series of events that took place, which indicated a possible conflict from within the party, after incumbent and Rick Scott endorsee Leslie Dougher was defeated.

After his victory, Ingoglia issued this letter to “ensure a smooth and orderly” transition between Dougher and himself, that essentially froze the party’s funds and ordered that no payments be made without his approval. He also ordered no further correspondence be sent, and that the entrance to the RPOF office be forbidden without prior approval.

“That’s for the purpose of adhering to the lowest common denominator,” Ingoglia told reporters saying. “We did not know if there was going to be somebody who was going to do something stupid.”

A short time later it was reported that RPOF Executive Director Juston Johnson resigned. He had been in the position for two years, including it’s stellar 2014 which saw the Governor and his entire cabinet get reelected.

Capping off the dramatic afternoon, it was reported that $800,000 was moved from a committee known as “Senate Majority”, which oversees the parties Senate races and is supervised by Orlando area Senate President Andy Gardiner (story HERE). Speculation for the transaction was concern over a sitting State Rep. having access to the money, and any possible red tape Gardiner’s group could experience getting to it in the future.

“They just wanted to make sure it (their money) was protected,” Ingoglia told reporters “But we are going to reach out and mend those fences.”

Below is the letter he sent out after his victory…

Photo credit Matt Dixon Political Fix

Photo credit Matt Dixon Political Fix


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