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Scott announces 3.6% Cellphone and Cable Tax Cut in Lake Mary


Governor Rick Scott was in Lake Mary this morning to announce the latest component of his “Keep Florida Working” budget, a 3.6% tax cut the the cell phone and tv tax.

“We’ve cut taxes 40 times, in the next week I’ll be coming out with my 2015-2016 ‘Keep Florida Working Budget’. And as part of that, we’re going to cut the tax on our cellphone and tv by 3.6%, which means for a typical person that spends about $100 a month, they’ll get $40 a year in savings. 3.6 on your cable bill, satellite, or cellphone, it’s a total tax cut of 470 million dollars”

The “Keep Florida Working” Budget has seen Scott tour around the state holding press conferences to reveal different parts of the plan. The first reveals, centered around education with the Governor pledging to raise per pupil spending to it’s highest in state’s history, as well as budget requests for charter schools and vocational tech centers.

After the presser, Scott was asked about the controversial dismissal of Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Jerry Bailey, amid allegations that he refused to cooperate with the Governor’s campaign staff during his reelection run last year “I’ve done the right thing. It’s good for our state, I continue to look for new leadership. I did it in business and I continue to do it.”

The press conference was hosted by the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce at the Lake Mary campus of Seminole State College. Lake Mary has been the site of many of Scott’s job growth victories including new positions created at companies like Verizon, Digital Risk, Mitsubishi, and Deloitte.

OPO spoke with in-coming Chairman of the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce Michael Eastham about the Governor’s announcement and why Lake Mary has been successful during his time in office.

“It was outstanding. For me the important thing is tax cuts. When I look at my cellphone bill, cable bill, I see a big number there you always worry about, to see that cut that means money back into my business” he continues “There is a tremendous culture of family relationships, there is a lot to do. It’s a great place to work, shop, and raise your kids in a safe environment, a wonderful part of Seminole County”

Scott announced a  3.6% cut in the cellphone and tv tax this morning in Lake Mary

Scott announced a 3.6% cut in the cellphone and tv tax this morning in Lake Mary

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