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Linda Stewart "Close on a Decision" over next run and House 47 rematch "Not off of the table"


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This is your OPO Intelligence Briefing for Tuesday March 3rd, 2015:

Linda Stewart “Close on a Decision’ on future plans:

OPO spoke at length this afternoon to former State Representative and County Commissioner Linda Stewart, at the Awake the State rally (story HERE), and after stump speech that was critical of the current GOP regime in Tallahassee, she sounded very much like a candidate ready to run for office.

“I’m close on a decision” she said about a possible run in State Senate District 13, while acknowledging the Republican candidates in, or considering to run and citing problems with each of them. She didn’t mention Rick Roach who would be matched against her in a Dem Primary.

We also talked about a rumors of a potential rematch against Mike Miller in House 47.

“It’s not off the table” she said “I’ve never lost during a Presidential Election”

You’ve been briefed. I’ll see you next time.

Stewart sounded like someone running for office at this afternoon's rally

Stewart sounded like someone running for office at this afternoon’s rally


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