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Roach pushing "Rick's Bricks" in State Senate 13


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Here is your OPO Intelligence Briefing for Thursday, March 19th, 2015.

Roach pushing for meetings, and selling bricks to fundraise:

Former Orange County School Board Member and Candidate for State Senate District 13, Rick Roach, has made it clear he’s not going to run a big money campaign. In his latest message to supporters, he’s pushing one on one meetings, and events with small groups of about 10 people.

He’s not completely ignoring fundraising. Roach is pushing “Rick’s Bricks”, bricks that can be bought by supporters for $5.

“I close by asking you to “Buy Bricks for Rick” We must pave a road to Tallahassee. Bricks cost $5.00 each. Buy one, or buy 400. Purchase whatever you can afford. We must raise money to buy the tools necessary to win.”

Roach has raised 26.5 so far for his campaign, 10K last month on the heels of his campaign kick-off. His only declared opponent at this point is on the Republican side. Realtor Dean Asher has raised, who’s raised 105K. Former State Rep. and County Commissioner Linda Stewart also continues to posture towards a possible run.

To catch up to Asher, Roach would have to sell enough bricks to build 3 houses.

Val Demings sighting:

Stewart isn’t the only Politico to keep a high profile. Former Orlando Police Chief and Congressional Candidate Val Demings was at the MLS Soccer Stadium Town Hall in Parramore last night. Many believe she hasn’t run her last race yet, and keeping a high profile in the community will keep her name out there.

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