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Reax from Lew Oliver's Letter, Plus Brummer and Mickey supporting VanderLey in D1


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Here is your OPO Intelligence Briefing for Monday, April 13th, 2015:

Former Commissioner Fred Brummer and Mickey Mouse pulling out checkbook in Orange County Commission District 1:

Business Development Manager Betsy VanderLey banked about 18K in March, but if you’re reading an intelligence piece, you probably want to know who is giving.

Former Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer gave $100 dollars to VanderLey last month. This hints at a possible formal future endorsement from the staunch Apopka Conservative, who is currently serving on the Orange County Charter Review Commission.

Another name to jump off the page of the campaign finance reports is Mickey Mouse. Disney and their countless subsidiaries can essentially spend as much as they like on a race. So far they’ve given 2K

There are some other big names in the report. Subscribe to OPO Intelligence and get access to the best campaign finance research in Central Florida HERE

Anger and Frustration surround possible Speaker Conspiracy:

If you’ve been following the (Possible) Eric Eisnaugle Overthrow Conspiracy, you know a lot of Central Florida Republicans are ready to go to war to defend him and get answers.

I was on the phone for 2 hours yesterday after a letter from OCREC Chair Lew Oliver went public (story HERE) that said Bob Cortes, Mike Miller, and Rene Plasencia had been threatened that party support would be pulled for their house seats if they didn’t support Blaise Ingoglia.

Supporters of the Central Florida Delegation were angry at the miscommunication and information from the shadows that was being tossed around. No one wanted to own anything. Those who aren’t political die-hards like you and I, were just worried that the 3 guys they worked so hard for were getting stabbed in the back over these games getting played in Tallahassee.

Cortes finally stepped up after days of back-groud talk, and told the Sentinel he had not been threatened. Good for him. He joined Scott Plakon as the only lawmakers that have had the courage to talk to the press during this mess.

UPDATE: Ingoglia says it’s not true (story HERE). Still, I don’t think Oliver is lying. If there aren’t some elements of the truth in his letter I’d be surprised.

Finally, there are some that don’t think this is a big deal. Eisnaugle’s time as Speaker is still years away.

But, if there are allegations from a credible source like Oliver that sandbagging on 3 of the most competitive 2016 House Races (which essentially start after this session) are taking place, we need to be talking about it.

Republicans all over the state need to demand answers. Someone is not telling the truth.

You’ve been briefed. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Brummer and Disney have both donated in Orange D1

Brummer and Disney have both donated in Orange D1


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