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Eisnaugle, Clarke, Sheehan, draw reelection challengers


The 2016, election picture continues to take shape with a trio of incumbent lawmakers in different areas of government drawing competition. These 3 lawmakers are fairly well liked, and will be favored headed into next year, and all 3 challengers will have to prove themselves moving into campaign season.

Scott Cox is a 19 year old Valencia College student majoring in Physics, and Future studies according to his website. He’s filed to challenge State Rep. Eric Eisnaugle (R-Gotha) in House District 44. Eisnaugle is the projected Speaker of the Florida House, although a push for reforms by RPOF Chair and State Representative Blaise Ingoglia could put that designation in Jeopardy.

Nelson Betancourt has filed to challenge Pete Clarke in for Orange County Commission in District 3. Nelson joins former OPD Officer Bill Moore in opposition to the incumbent. Clarke was 1st elected in 2012, when he defeated a well funded incumbent with an aggressive door to door campaign.

Aretha Olivarez has opted for a rematch against City Commissioner Patty Sheehan in District 4. Sheehan defeated Olivarez in 2012 by capturing 77% of the vote. Orlando municipal elections were recently moved up by the City Council to November of this year.

These 3 challengers join a flurry of campaign activity that has taken place over the last 3 days. Yesterday Attorney Ryan Yadav filed to challenge State Representative Bob Cortes in State House District 30 (story HERE).

Eisnaugle, Clarke, and Sheehan all have new opposition

Eisnaugle, Clarke, and Sheehan all have new opposition


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