Today's date is July 1, 2022

City of Orlando removes Felony checkboxes from job applications


This afternoon, District 5 City Commissioner Regina Hill joined with leaders from the Orlando Chapter of the NAACP, Faith in Florida and SCLC to announce a new City effort aimed at reducing barriers to employment for those convicted of a felony.

Hill announced that the City of Orlando would remove the checkbox on it’s job applications where candidates would indicate if they had previously been convicted of a felony. The aim is to remove any preliminary stigma for applicants trying to rebound after a mistake in judgement earlier in their life. Orlando becomes the 4th city in Florida to do so.

“Today in the City of Orlando, we will ban the box” Hill said “This announcement will open up the door for job opportunities, and create opportunities for a successful future. This will remove an obstacle, many were intimidated by. They were afraid to go out because of that box. Today, in Orlando that box is removed.”

Background checks will still be conducted on all applicants with the city, and the question will remain for those seeking positions with the Police and Fire Department. Hill, who’s own history included several arrests in her youth, spoke about how this could have helped her earlier in life and what she hopes it accomplishes for those trying to get their life back on track.

“Many of times, when I was younger. I was afraid to tell them I was a felon. I was afraid to go check that box. It intimidates people and we already count ourselves out. Once we say ‘I’m a felon’ we believe we’re not got going to get that opportunity. A lot of times you don’t get to tell your story. They just push your application aside” Hill said.

The next step in the process outlined by the group, was to petition Governor Rick Scott for further restoration of rights. Hill wants Orlando residents to know that there is no judgement when seeking employment with the city.

“Know that the city of Orlando, under Mayor Buddy Dyer‘s leadership wants to be the great equalizer. Level the playing field. There is no judgement, and they will get a chance to tell their side of the story.”


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  2. More folly from the left. So let me get this straight….If you are running a business, you wouldn’t want to know if someone was convicted of let’s say such crimes as embezzlement, identity theft, forgery, or other financial crimes? PURE LUNACY.

    • octavius counts on

      You can make a bad decision that can cost u everything. So let someone past stay there where it belongs

  3. octavius counts on

    Thank u for giving someone like me an opportunity to show others and myself that my past doesn’t dictate what i will do in my future.. God bless yall for such a blessing.

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