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Gardiner on Wife's possible Senate run "She would be a much better Senator than me"


Senate President Andy Gardiner was the headlining guest on News 13’s Political Connections on Sunday, and was asked about the possibility of his Wife, Camille, running for his State Senate District 13 seat, now that he’s reached term limits.

Political Connections Host Ybeth Bruzual says “the rumors are out there, that your Wife, Camille, will get into the race. Is that the possibility, that she could run?”.

Gardiner responds “I think so. She would be a much better Senator than me and she’s been really involved with policy and I’ll support here whatever her decision is. If she’s in, I’m going to help her in anyway I can.”

When asked about a timetable Gardiner replied “I think relatively soon, she wants to make a decision one way or the other, and start campaigning.”

Multiple sources have told OPO that Gardiner could file as soon as next week (story HERE), her addition to the field would cause the race to take a dramatic turn, Realtor Dean Asher has been running since late last year. the Asher and Gardiner families are close, with the head of each family sharing a personal history that stretches back to Little League Baseball (story HERE). Retired Contractor Chuck Sheridan is the other Republican running for the seat.

Senate President Andy Gardiner, with his Wife, Camille and their two children

Senate President Andy Gardiner, with his Wife, Camille and their two children


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