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Ashby launches campaign for Florida House District 50


Sean Ashby, an Orange County school teacher, has officially filed to run as a Democrat for State House District 50 this morning. Incumbent Tom Goodson (R-Titusville) has announced he’s running for House District 51. Ashby is on course to challenge House 49 State Representative Rene Plasencia (R-Orlando), who has announced he’ll also be running district 50 next year.

Ashby told OPO last month he had been considering a run (story HERE). In a statement to OPO, Ashby had this to say about his candidacy.

“Floridians deserve elected officials who prioritize the interests of their constituents over the interests of the powerful. As the Representative for House District 50 I will strive to push for equality of all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and wealth; join those who work to protect women’s rights, and ensure affordable healthcare for all Floridians. As a tenured teacher I will work to implement ideas and policies that will move Florida’s fractured public education system in a new direction, one that supports our teachers and focuses on preparing our students for higher education and the workforce. We need to ensure that the best and brightest students stay in Florida by making Bright Futures scholarships obtainable for today’s and tomorrow’s graduates. The environment is another crucial area for our state and its economy: we must put measures into place to preserve water resources so that future generations of Floridians and visitors can access clean water to drink and marvel at the beauty of what our state has to offer.”

Ashby had previously ran for for House 50 in 2012, and led a push for municipal election ballot initiatives in 2014.

The announcement sets up an intriguing match-up between two long time public educators from the area. Plasencia endorsed Ashby in his 2012 contest against Goodson. Tiffany Dziekan, has also filed to run under no political affiliation.

Sean Ashby

Sean Ashby


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