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Brodeur joins Mica in calling for LYNX privatization


State Representative Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford) announced this afternoon he will be working with Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli (R-Merritt Island) and Governor Rick Scott to enact legislation requiring all transit authorities in Florida to call for proposals from private management companies.

The issue was presented recently by Congressman John Mica (R-Winter Park), who has asked the board of LYNX to review and evaluate private management of the day-to-day operations of the bus system (story HERE).

“With more than half our agencies in Florida already working with a private management company and showing in many cases the system can be run more efficiently and effectively in that structure,” Brodeur says. “It’s our duty and our responsibility to everyone in Florida to ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely.”

Complaints regarding LYNX have recently become more frequent occurrences. From the company retaining drivers with safety violations, to riders complaining that buses are experiencing long delays, or missing stops altogether. The Executive Director of LYNX recently resigned to accept a position in North Carolina.

“The cities in my county have expressed to me repeatedly how difficult LYNX has been to work with as we look to connect SunRail to the region,” Brodeur continues. “When you look at Votran to our north, you find a transit system operating nearly 20 percent more efficient than LYNX because they have contracted out to a professional management service.”

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, who chairs the LYNX board, acknowledges the call but has said this she’s not certain it’s the best time to consider privatization, with projects like Ultimate I-4 and Sunrail ramping up.

“As LYNX has constantly asked the state and region for a more money through tolls and rental car surcharges, there should be no reason why they won’t look at more efficient operations through private management services, However, as my scope is statewide, I believe all transit systems should consider the private management system to ensure they are truly providing the best service to our tax payers.” Brodeur concludes

State Rep. Jason Brodeur

State Rep. Jason Brodeur


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