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Namey passes on Florida House District 30 run


Activist Tiffany Namey announced this morning that after consideration, she would not be running for Florida House District 30. There had been reports that she was going to file for the battleground seat.

In a statement Namey mentions the passing of her father, and other roles in the community as reasons for passing on a run.

“I believe at this time if I enter the race on or more of these roles would suffer; my family, my candidacy, or the caucus. I can not in good conscience allow this to happen when there is another qualified Democrat in the race. I have spoken to Ryan Yadav and he has assured me he will champion Parity for Mental Health Care and Neurological Conditions, Affordable Access to Mental Healthcare, Healthcare Expansion and Women’s Issues.”

She goes on to address speculation of her potential candidacy by critics and lists supporters who she consulted through out the decision..

“I have been told that Bob Cortes and Republican leaders have made statements that I am not qualified. I know there are those of you who will speculate that I was unable to raise enough money or get enough support. My answer to that is to simply express my sincerest gratitude to the people and organizations who provided support during this journey. I will fulfill my promise to my father, myself, and the people of Florida and run to serve in Public Office when it is the right time. Thank you all for your support and encouragement now and in the future.

As she mentioned, Attorney Ryan Yadav is the lone Democrat filed, to challenge incumbent Bob Cortes (R-Altamonte Springs) in the battleground district, that consists of parts of Orange and Seminole Counties. Both candidates kicked off their campaigns on Wednesday (story HERE). Namey joins former District 30 Representative Karen Castor-Dentel as the second Democrat to pass on running for the seat.

You can read Namey’s complete statement below…

namey statement

Tiffany Namey

Tiffany Namey


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