Today's date is May 22, 2022

Linda Stewart and Carlos Guillermo Smith introduce bill to ban Assault Weapons


On Thursday afternoon, in front of the Orange County Courthouse in Downtown Orlando, State Senator Linda Stewart and State Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith introduced legislation that would ban certain types of Assault Weapons in the state. The push comes after the Pulse nightclub tragedy that took the lives of 49 people and wounded 53 more last June.

“We have a responsibility to act,” said Stewart, who’s District 13 area includes Pulse “If not now when? There is no legitimate reason whatsoever to own these types of weapons; we’re not taking anybody’s guns away and we’re not infringing on anybody’s right to hunt or protect themselves in their home. We need to start getting control of the things we can, and do commonsense things to prevent what happened at Pulse from ever being repeated.”

SB254 and HB 167 would ban “any selective-fire firearm capable of fully automatic, semiautomatic or burst fire at the option of the user.” It also applies to semiautomatic pistols, shotguns, and rifles as defined within the bill, along with a list of other specified semiautomatic firearms listed by name. The measure would also ban large capacity magazines defined as “any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 7 rounds and any person who lawfully possesses an assault weapon or large capacity ammunition magazine prior to October 1, 2017, would have to apply for “Certificate of Possession”.

The press conference featured survivors from the Pulse shooting, as well as support from the League of Women Voters. Other notable attendees included State Senator Victor Torres, State Representatives Amy Mercado, John Cortes, and Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph.

Smith acknowledged that the bills face tough odds in the Republican controlled legislature but pledged to move forward to honor those who lost their lives last year.

“We have a responsibility to the families of the 49 to demand action after the massacre at Pulse.” he said “For too long, the powerful gun lobby has put a stranglehold on Tallahassee with their extreme agenda. It’s time we take back the conversation with a bold, comprehensive and common sense approach to gun safety. This legislation is just the beginning.”

Stewart and Smith


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  1. Jaque Bauer on

    These two Marxists belong in Kalifornia, and we will do everything lawfully possible to insure they never serve in Florida public office again. They lack the knowledge and understanding of modern sporting weapons, and how they function. They lack understanding of the criminal and the terrorist mindset and how they obtain their weapons. Denying the people their right to possess and bear arms will only encourage the criminal and terrorist. This is proven time and time again. Its clear that the ultimate goal of these Marxists is to nullify the peoples right to bear arms by introducing gun ban legislation incrementally. They introduce small laws and regulations that are onerous and costly at first. As these become law, they add a few more. Look to California and how the Marxist gun grabbers work. But they will never succeed. We denied the nations biggest threat to the 2nd Amendment the presidency, and we will deny Florida’s threats to the 2nd Amendment public office as well.

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