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Chris King says “in era of Donald Trump” Frank Artiles should step down after using “N word” with colleagues


Orlando Businessman and Gubernatorial Candidate Chris King is sounding off on the State Senator Frank Artiles controversy that involved the Miami Republican using racial slurs and profanities in a conversation with colleagues.

On Tuesday night, in a conversation with State Senators Perry Thurston and Audrey Gibson at the Governor’s Club in Tallahassee, Artiles reportedly used the racial slur after calling Senate President Joe Negron a P****, who was elected by “six N*****”. Artiles also reportedly used the B*** and F***** As***** in the exchange with his colleagues.

“The way this usually plays out is that Senator Artiles will apologize, and we’ll all move to the next news cycle, and this will be forgotten about in a few weeks.” said King “But we can’t keep doing things the same way and expect different results. “Senator Artiles should do the right thing and step down immediately.”

Artiles is set to formally apologize on the floor of the Senate Wednesday morning. The Florida Democratic Party has also called on Artiles to resign.

“The message needs to be clear from both parties that racism will not be tolerated and people will be held accountable for racist action.” said King “Because in an era of Donald Trump, we all must also hold ourselves accountable to the the idea that we will never allow these sentiments to be normal and without consequence.”

King is one of two Democrats that officially entered the Governor’s race, along with Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum.

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  1. What are you referring to Mr. King when you say the “Era of Trump”. I can already see your run for governor will be “All hat and no cattle”. Run on ther issues Sir and quit trying to boost your campaign on rhetoric and the “red meat” of your liberal, parties base.

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