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Val Demings reflects on first 100 days in Congress at Legislative Update


Congresswoman Val Demings was in Downtown Orlando on Wednesday morning to deliver a legislative update on her first 100 days representing Florida’s 10th District in the House of Representatives.

Demings hit almost every issue that has been seen in the headlines over the past several weeks, with many her of Democratic positions conflicting with the early direction White House Policy has been taking.

The Congresswoman focused heavily on foreign policy in the first part of her speech, approving of the Trump administration’s decision for a military strike on a Syrian Chemical weapons base after an attack on it’s own people, but called for Congressional approval on any further military action.

Demings was also wary of any aggression towards North Korea with tensions running high in the region.

“North Korea or it’s unpredictable leader is not one to play with.” she said “If we’re going to be the leader in the world, then we must act like it. We are not going to get in pissing matches with others. We do not go low or flex our muscles like a bully on the playground. We must lead and we must lead at all times”

The former Orlando Police Chief also touched on many domestic issues including health care, preserving the Environment Protection Agency, equal pay amongst the genders, and stronger gun control laws as the Orlando area approaches the one year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub tragedy.

“If we truly want to keep our U.S cites and neighborhoods safe then we must address gun violence.” added Demings “How long will we allow money and the gun lobby to control this conversation and try to bull and intimidate anyone who speaks out about gun safety legislation?”

Demings also reviewed her work with the Department of Homeland Security to cut down on violence in neighborhoods and also to counter cyber terrorism attacks.

Other local officials on hand included Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer, Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill, and Orange County Clerk of Courts Tiffany Moore Russell in addition to representatives from the offices of other elected leaders.

Demings also announced that her Metrowest office has taken in 122 cases in their first 100 days of operation with additional plans to hold office hours in the Apopka area.

“My faith is rooted in God and my optimism is rooted in the American people.” she said in closing “When the future seems uncertain, I’m betting on the United States of America.”

Congresswoman Val Demings


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  1. James Tousek on

    Unfortunately, it seems that Congresswoman. Demings definition of reasonable gun control would include the melting down of all personal protection and sports guns. If it is different from that then lets hear her idea of reasonable control. For her and all George Soros supported politicians, Venezuela is the ideal when it comes to gun control. And we can all see the sad social and political chaos that the citizens there have to endure as they have no means to protect themselves from an out of control, oppressive, dictatorial, Castro style progressive government

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