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Jennifer Thompson reaches out to Sheriff Jerry Demings to stop burglary trend in south east Orlando


Orange County District 4 Commissioner Jennifer Thompson has formally reached out to Sheriff Jerry Demings to request an additional deputy presence in south east Orlando due to the recent increase of crime in the area. The community and zone 20A in particular has seen 62 burglary and stolen vehicle incidents in the month of April alone.

Thompson refers to Off Duty Deputy Program, a fund that provides additional deputies to unincorporated areas of Orange County that have seen a statistical increase in crime as a possible solution.

“Zone 20a is experiencing tremendous growth and it’s my understanding that your agency is already reviewing staffing allocations for the area.” said Thompson “I am requesting that your crime analysis unit analyze the neighborhoods in this zone to determine if they are eligible for the Off Duty Deputy Program in the upcoming year.”

Thompson thanks Demings for the Sheriff offices works which has resulted in almost two dozen arrests but she points out that those were done between the months of January and March and the trend hasn’t snapped.

The region area is one of the most rapidly growing regions in Central Florida and has been trying to find it’s balance between it’s growing population and public services.

Burglaries have also increased in recent months with offenders traveling in groups and checking for unlocked cars to steal items from. Residential burglaries are also up with criminals waiting for home owners to leave for work before breaking into homes.

You can read Thompson’s complete memo below…

An earlier version of this report named the Lake Nona area and has been changed to more accurately reflect the zone which is referred to in the memo.


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