Today's date is August 15, 2022

Phil Diamond wants inter-local agreement to investigate fraud in Orange County’s incorporated municipalities


Orange County Comptroller Phil Diamond has released the findings of an audit conducted on the county’s Consumer Fraud Unit’s Unlicensed Contractor Program and is voicing concerns over possible vulnerabilities in the incorporated cities in the county.

The audit reviewed the program’s controls over initiating, investigating, and enforcing complaints of unlicensed contractor activity. When the audit was completed most of the files investigated showed no proof that the violation occurred in Orange County.

This concerns Diamond because the County currently has no authority to investigate fraud cases in the incorporated cities possibly leaving consumers at risk. An Inter-local agreement would allow the consumer fraud unit to investigate complaints.

Diamond also noted that the collection of fines needed an improvement with only about $2000 of the $7,100 in an assessed sample of fines were collected.

“I think it is very important that all citizens of Orange County are protected from unlicensed contractors.” said Diamond “The Consumer Fraud Program Administrator was very cooperative and concurred with all of our recommendations and is currently addressing the potential lack of enforcement within the municipalities of Orange County.”


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