Today's date is July 5, 2020

Libertarians diss AHCA passage and GOP’s choice of beer for the celebration


The Libertarian National Committee is speaking out about this week’s passage of the American Health Care in the House of Representatives, both in their disapproval of the legislation and the choice of beer for the Republican celebration at the White House following the vote.

Libertarians would prefer a bill that would grant equal tax incentives employer-purchased health care plans, remove restrictions for purchasing catastrophic coverage, allow health insurance to be purchased across state lines and ending the regulatory powers of the Food and Drug Administration.

“Passage of the AHCA is an example of the broken Washington culture that says, ‘We have to do something.” says Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark “This is something. We have to do this.’ For the health of all of our families, government needs to do less to screw up a system they’ve been making worse for decades with regulation on top of regulation that increase costs and reduce health outcomes while lining the pockets of health care industry lobbyists and cronies.”

The bill now heads to the Senate where it’s fate will lie with a handful of Republicans who are unsure over how they’ll vote.

And the beer chosen for the impromptu celebration. Bud Light.

“Their ‘victory’ was as lacking in substance as the beer they chose to drink.” says Sarwark.


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