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Ron DeSantis unhappy with budget drawn behind closed doors saying “The Swamp wins again”


In his weekly message to constituents, Daytona Beach Congressman Ron DeSantis was critical about the budget submitted by his colleagues in Washington, that he believes was drawn up “behind close doors” and “maintains the status quo”.

DeSantis says the budget that doesn’t include funding to forward President Donald Trump’s policies like dollars for a wall along the southern border along Mexico and does include funds for California high speed rail, “sanctuary cities”, and abortion providers.

“It is the “same old, same old” fiscal song and dance. The Swamp wins again.” says DeSantis, adding the budget doesn’t do enough to cut back on wasteful spending “Republicans need a new strategy to avoid what has become a perpetual failure theater.”

The Trump administration has said it will push for funding for the wall during the September budget talks. The Congressman from the 6th district has lobbied for the project saying costs would be cancelled out by the current price of dealing with illegal immigration and seizing assets from drug dealers.

DeSantis also acknowledges that the American Health Care Bill passed last week still has shortcomings and because of a lack of Republican support in the House, a true “Obamacare” repeal wasn’t possible. He does believe the bill will lower premiums and points out that states will have much more influence over how to handle factors such as pre-existing conditions, making the AHCA much more efficient than it’s predecessor.

The controversial bill faces a tough challenge in the senate and could be altered or even redrawn completely says DeSantis.

Congressman Ron DeSantis


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