Today's date is May 17, 2022

Florida Family Policy Council salutes Rick Scott Liquor wall veto


The Florida Family Policy Council, an organization dedicated to defending socially conservative values, is voicing it’s approval of a veto by Governor Rick Scott on the liquor wall legislation. The controversial bill would have removed the physical barrier between locations hard alcohol is sold and major retailers.

John Stemberger, President and General Counsel of Florida Family Policy Council issued a statement saying “I want to thank Governor Scott for his leadership on this issue. While we know that he has been under pressure from those on both sides of the issue, he did the best thing for Florida’s families. Alcoholism is far too prevalent in our society and we believe that appropriate safeguards should be kept ensuring that we do not exacerbate the epidemic in Florida, especially with our youth.”

The FFPC was not alone in it’s objections to the bill. After passing the state house by a single vote, a major veto campaign was started to influence the Governor’s decision. Late Wednesday, Scott ultimately vetoed the measure citing concerns he had heard from small business owners around the state. Supporters of the bill called it an outdated, prohibition era requirement.

“Government has a role in protecting citizens by placing reasonable restrictions on addictive and mind-altering substances. In this case, in the end, the government did the right thing.” concluded Stemberger.

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