Today's date is May 17, 2022

Libertarians are saying they can no longer be ignored after Montana House race


The Libertarian National Committee is putting the rest of the country on notice after the results of the race for Congress that came to it’s conclusion on Thursday night.

The race which featured Republican Greg Gianforte defeating Democrat Rob Quist by seven points, also involved Libertarian candidate Mark Wicks, who won 6 percent of the vote. The contest drew national attention when Gianforte allegedly “body slammed” a reporter in the final hours of the contest.

“The Montana special election results show that a growing number of voters, mostly millennials, are reliably voting Libertarian,” said LP Chair Nicholas Sarwark. “The old parties ignore these results—and the desire for much less government that those votes represent—at their peril.”

Here in Florida Libertarians have been trying to find the right ambassador for their message that does appeal to an increasingly large number of the electorate. However, lack of fundraising and party in-fighting have been obstacles when it has become time to compete with the two major parties.

Libertarians have been playing spoiler on a more frequent basis by covering the margin of victory, such as Presidential candidate, Gary Johnson winning over 3 percent of the vote last year.

“More and more voters are seeing that voting Democrat or Republican equals fewer jobs, endless wars, and paralyzing government red tape,” added Sarwark. “We need a massive downsizing of the federal government to get the economy on track and to restore fundamental human rights. The Libertarian Party is the only party that stands ready to deliver.”


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