Today's date is July 1, 2022

Bill Nelson says "Floridians living along the coast will be at risk" if U.S withdraws from Paris agreement


Senator Bill Nelson is sounding off ahead of a Thursday afternoon announcement from President Donald Trump that that United States will be withdrawing from the Paris Climate accords. The Senator from Florida is sounding the alarm on what he believes will be a real risk for Floridians.

“Sea-level rise caused by the Earth heating up is a real threat to Florida. If the U.S. isn’t going to do its part to combat climate change, then the rest of the world won’t do theirs and millions of Floridians living along the coast will be at risk.” said Nelson.

The decision has gotten a negative response from Democrats all across the board in Congress, while getting mixed reviews from the GOP. The White House argues that withdrawing from the agreement will propel job creation in the state while minimizing the effectiveness of the agreement which was reached when former President Barack Obama was in office

Bill Nelson


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