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Darren Soto will “strongly support” Puerto Rican Statehood plebiscite results


Congressman Darren Soto announced on Tuesday, that he will “strongly support” the results of a plebiscite to determine the support for Puerto Rican Statehood scheduled to take place this Sunday.

“The decision on Puerto Rico’s ultimate political status has to come from the people, and it’s not my place to try to tell them how to vote. Yet as a Member of the U.S. Congress from Florida, representing a district with a large Puerto Rican population, and being of Puerto Rican heritage myself, I take great interest in the issue. I encourage my fellow citizens from Puerto Rico to participate in the plebiscite and I will strongly support its outcome.”

Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rossello and their non-voting member of Congress, Jenniffer Gonzalez have made trips to Washington to lobby and voice their support for statehood. The issue of the status of the island has been a controversial debate among it’s citizens for decades, with different groups each pushing for statehood, independence, or it’s current standing as a commonwealth.

The island recently filed for an action similar to bankruptcy for it’s $70 billion dollars in debt that will have to be restructured. Any push for statehood in Congress faces an uphill climb with the current administration.

Because of high unemployment, many Puerto Rican have migrated from the island to here in Central Florida to start over in the area’s strong entry level job market.

Soto has previously said he will reserve any positions on the island’s status until a vote is taken.

“Ultimately, I believe that it is in the best interest of my constituents, our fellow citizens in the territory, and America as a whole, that Congress work to ensure a strong and vibrant Puerto Rico. Congress must resolve Puerto Rico’s political status to unleash its full economic potential and return prosperity to the island” concludes Soto.

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  1. Darren Soto is a hypocritical vote panderer. If it is true, like he says, that ““The decision on Puerto Rico’s ultimate political status has to come from the people”, he should have then accepted the fact that 56% of the Puerto Rican electorate repudiated Statehood in 2012, while only 44% supported. He should have accepted the fact that 54% repudiated Statehood in 1998 and 1993 when only 46% supported it. He should have accepted the fact that 61% repudiated Statehood in 1967 when only 39% supported it. ================ How many plebiscites should it take for the United States to accept that the will of the majority of the people in Puerto Rico is not Statehood or Independence, but the revision, upgrade, renegotiation and continuation of a self-governing autonomous formula such as the Commonwealth, that protects the identity and idiosincracy of a Hispanic population? To what extent will the United States continue to disregard Democracy and look the other way with the will of the majority of the people of Puerto Rico?

  2. It’s one of those delusional millennial trolls who don’t know their a#s from their elbow.

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