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Rick Scott vs. Aramis Ayala case gets date in front of Florida Supreme Court


The Florida Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguements in the case of Florida Governor Rick Scott versus Orange Osceola County State Attorney Aramis Ayala. Ayala is challenging the Governor’s decision to remove her from over 20 1st degree murder cases, including the Markeith Loyd Case.

The correspondence reads..

“The above case is hereby scheduled for oral argument at 9:00 a.m., June 28, 2017. A maximum of twenty minutes to the side is allowed for the argument, but counsel is expected to use only so much of that time as is necessary. NO CONTINUANCES WILL BE GRANTED EXCEPT UPON A SHOWING OF EXTREME HARDSHIP.”

Ayala made national headlines earlier this year when she announced her office would not seek the death penalty in any cases brought to her office, including the Markeith Loyd case. Loyd is accused of murdering OPD Lieutenant Debra Clayton and Sade Dixon, who was pregnant at the time of her death. Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Norm Lewis was also killed during the manhunt for Loyd.

After making her announcement, Scott reassigned those cases to Lake County State Attorney Brad King. Ayala is arguing that the Governor overstepped his authority in doing so.

Aramis Ayala


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