Today's date is August 19, 2022

Blue Dog Coalition endorses Stephanie Murphy POISE Act


The Democratic Blue Dog Coalition is voicing support for Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy’s Prevention and Oversight of Intelligence Sharing with Enemies or POISE act.

The POISE Act would require the President to notify congressional intelligence committees when himself or an Executive Branch Officials reveals Top Secret classified information to the representatives of a nation that is designated to be a state sponsor of terrorism or the subject of U.S. economic sanctions.

“The Blue Dog Coalition is a proven leader on issues of fiscal responsibility and national security, and I’m proud my bill has earned their endorsement,” said Murphy. “As a former national security specialist at the Department of Defense, I’ve seen the damage our adversaries can cause when they gain access to our classified information. When U.S. intelligence falls into the wrong hands, it puts our service members, intelligence officers, and diplomats at risk and undermines our national security interests around the world. My bill would deter unjustified disclosures of Top Secret information and empower Congress to conduct appropriate oversight whenever such information is intentionally or inadvertently disclosed.”

Stephanie Murphy


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