Today's date is January 16, 2022

City of Orlando ends regulation of rideshare companies


On Monday afternoon, the Orlando City Council officially voted to end it’s regulation of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft within it’s city limits. Legislation passed at the statewide level last month set into place a statewide framework of guidelines for ridesharing companies to follow.

The vote was swift and uneventful, unlike the fight that took place back in 2014, when representatives from Uber and Lyft went to war before the council with local taxi companies over their rights to operate in the city. Ultimately, the city council passed a permitting process for drivers of the ridesharing companies to follow. Violations of those guidelines would result in the driver’s vehicles towed and fines.

Representatives from the ride sharing companies quickly went to work with state lawmakers and wer finally able to pass a bill this year with bipartisan support.

Uber and Lyft say their services have created hundreds of jobs in the state resulting in millions of dollars of economic development.

The changes take place July 1st.


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  1. this is hilarious, around 2000 illegals are driving for Lyft and Uber, impossible to have any background or DMV records, never have vehicle inspections been required from either Lyft or Uber, almost free rides come with a hidden cost for you and your family, just hope it’s not a life, not very responsible of our government

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