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Ron DeSantis looking forward to working with new FEMA Administrator on readiness


Daytona Beach Congressman Ron DeSantis released a statement after the Senate confirmed new FEMA Administrator Brock Long. The confirmation comes as Florida heads into the 2017 Hurricane season.

DeSantis had these words on social media on Tuesday afternoon..

“The Senate has just confirmed Brock Long as the new FEMA administrator with a 95-4 vote. Brock brings years of experience to the agency, having previously served as the head of the Alabama Emergency Management Agency. I look forward to working with both FEMA and our local officials to ensure that our region is prepared to adequately respond to emergencies.”

Both Florida Senators, Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Bill Nelson voted in favor of Long. The state’s relationship with FEMA has been contentious in recent years with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle citing long response times from the agency during emergencies. This includes natural disasters such as Hurricanes, like Matthew last year, and terrorist attacks like the Pulse night club shooting that took place here in Orlando.

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  1. Novo Democrats on

    Ron DeSantis is NOT from Daytona Beach, doesn’t live in Daytona Beach, and doesn’t know anything about Daytona Beach, or else he wouldn’t have voted against emergency hurricane relief when Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey a few years ago.

    Daytona Beach was hit by four hurricanes in 2004, and trying to withhold hurricane relief to other communities hit with damage was plain wrong. What if reps from New Jersey did the same to us? DeSantis would only care if a hurricane hit his mansion in Ponte Vedra where he really lives.

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