Today's date is August 19, 2022

Activists protest Senate Health Care Bill in Downtown Orlando


Activists gathered outside of the Downtown Orlando offices of Florida Senator Marco Rubio on Wednesday morning, to protest the upcoming Senate vote on a health care bill that will ultimately replace the Affordable Health Care act known as “Obamacare”.

There was a skit played out where members of the protest will dressed up as the billionaires Republicans hoping to profit from the sick. There was also a program of speakers that would be effected by any changes to Health Care and sign waivers along Orange Avenue.

The bill is expected to come to a vote before the July 4th Holiday weekend. Democrats have been critical of the process with the bill being drawn up by the GOP majority behind closed doors. An Obamacare replacement bill has already passed the House of Representatives along mostly party lines with some Republicans also voting against it because of possible changes to Medicare. A similar fight is expected in the House.

Rubio is expected to vote in favor of any possible changes. His colleague Democratic Senator Bill Nelson has spoken out against the expected bill.

“We’re here to let people know we don’t want the ACA repealed” said Estefany Londono, a local student participating at the protest “If it’s repealed, we’re not going to be able to get the care we need and we want Senator Rubio to hear out voices and vote to keep ACA.”


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  1. Bernie Sanders Socialists. They want a Single Payer system. Go move to Venezuela and try out Socialism before you try to sell it to Americans.

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