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Donald Trump meets with Energy and Cybersecurity Leaders to discuss efforts in combating threats


On Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump met with leaders from the Energy and Cybersecurity communities to discuss potential threats to the United States, and to continue to emphasize the importance of working together to combat those threats.

The meeting comes as controversy regarding possible Russian interference in last year’s elections continues.

Trump met with former New York Mayor and longtime supporter Mayor Rudy Giuliani, General Keith Alexander, Thomas P. Bossert, and other energy sector leaders.

“The President stated his continued commitment to enhancing electric grid security and resilience, noting that his Executive Order “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure” is an important step towards that goal.” read a statement from the White House.

Trump’s executive order sets a timeline for federal agencies to evaluate and address possible threats to the Executive Branch.

The FBI investigation regarding Russian interference and cyber attacks is ongoing with members of Congress from both sides of the aisle underlining it’s importance. Also taking place on Wednesday was a Senate Intelligence Committee, where Intelligence Officials laid out what they knew about the attacks and their belief that Russian interference could continue.

“The President made clear that his Administration is committed to working closely with infrastructure providers, improving the existing public and private partnership framework, and fostering collaborative relationships for effective risk management.” concludes the brief.

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