Today's date is May 17, 2022

Andrew Gillum promoting state based, no cost contraception for women


Tallahassee Mayor and Democratic Candidate for Governor, Andrew Gillum, released a new proposal on Thursday that would provide state based contraceptive care for women. If elected Gillum says his changes would counteract pending White House policies that would roll back Obama era policies that currently provide care.

Gillum’s plans includes prescriptions for contraceptive drugs and devices, and women covered by policies provided by institutions seeking exemptions would still have no-cost access to contraception through their insurer. Employers would be required to notify their employees if they refuse to provide coverage and religious organizations could still seek exemptions.

The Tallahassee Mayor is one of three Democrats currently running in the primary to replaced termed out incumbent Rick Scott. Former Congresswoman Gwen Graham and Orlando Businessman Chris King are also seeking their party’s nod. Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is running on the Republican side.

“President Trump wants to turn back the clock and take essential healthcare away from women,” said Gillum. “As Governor, I’m going to stand with women and ensure that neither the government nor their employer, stand between a woman and her doctor in making the critical health decisions that affect her life. This is an essential part of providing better quality care and economic security and stability to more Floridians.”

Andrew Gillum


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