Today's date is August 7, 2020

Video: Stephanie Murphy on Puerto Rican Statehood “They can count on my full support”


Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy was on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, where she voiced full support for Puerto Rican statehood, after a vote on the island overwhelmingly passed in favor of a switch from it’s current commonwealth status.

“They can count on my full support.” said Murphy during her remarks “As I see it, in the wake of this vote, the question is not whether but rather when Puerto Rico will become a state.”

Central Florida, including Murphy’s 7th district, has one of the nation’s fastest growing Puerto Rican populations, with many former residents of the island relocating to the Orlando area for a new start in the region’s rapidly expanding entry level job market.

Despite heavy lobbying efforts by Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosello and Commissioner Jennifer Gonzalez, the path to statehood for the island seems unlikely in Washington’s current political climate. Issues like Health Care, Tax Reform, and Foreign Policy have put the issue on the back burner with leadership in the House or the Senate unlikely to take it up anytime soon.

“Puerto Rico has made countless contributions to this nation for generations. It has earned it’s own star on the American flag.” said Murphy in conclusion.

You can watch her full remarks below..

Stephanie Murphy


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