Today's date is August 15, 2022

Adam Putnam applauding EPA move to rescind WOTUS regulations


Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Candidate for Governor Adam Putnam is applauding a decision by the Environmental Protection Administration to rescind parts of the Clean Water Act otherwise known as Waters of the United States or WOTUS regulations on bodies of water.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was widely expected to rescind the Obama era policy many farm owners saw as a land grab by the government that impeded on the property rights of their land.

“The federal government overstepped its authority under the Obama Administration with its overreaching and nonsensical WOTUS rule.” said Putnam “I applaud EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s move to undo these overly burdensome regulations that cost American workers precious dollars to meet unnecessary and unscientific standards.”

The move is being widely lauded by various agricultural groups around the country. The EPA says the decision is part of a two step process to provide more certainty and provide more regulatory powers to the states.

Adam Putnam


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