Today's date is January 28, 2022

Airbnb collects over $18 million in state & local sales taxes


Home-sharing platform Airbnb announced today that the company had collected and remitted over $18 million in sales taxes to local and state governments in Florida in the first five months of the year, according to a press release from the company today.

The taxes were collected pursuant to an agreement reached with the Florida Department of Revenue in 2015, under which Airbnb would collect sales taxes on behalf of the 35,000 Airbnb hosts in Florida. The same year, Airbnb initiated efforts to secure similar agreements with local county governments as well. Currently, 63 out of Florida’s 67 counties assess a bed tax, and Airbnb has agreements with 39 of them.

The $18 million in taxes collected by Airbnb through the end of May puts them on track to collect this year more than double the $20 million they collected in 2016. In Orange County alone, Airbnb collected $700,500.

“The State of Florida and so many of its counties are emerging as national models for how to harness the economic power of home sharing,” said Chris Lehane, Airbnb’s global head of policy & communications. “We are committed to serving as good partners to Florida’s local governments, and we will not stop working until every Florida county is benefitting from new home sharing tax revenue.”

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