Today's date is July 4, 2022

OIA travel up 5.6% for Fourth of July this year


The Orlando International Airport is anticipating higher travel numbers than last year for the Fourth of July travel period. There is expected to be a 5.6% jump in passenger traffic over 2016.

Airport officials estimate that busiest day during the travel period which runs from the 27th to the 9th of next month will be Saturday July 1st with almost 149,000 visitors and Saturday July 8th with over 146,000 visitors.

The airport continues to have solid numbers this year while it undergoes a massive renovation project.

Here are some tips recommended by OIA to make travel to and from the airport easier…

– Call your credit card company and make them aware you’re traveling.
– Arrive early. Airport parking, security checkpoint lines and the possibility of the airline overselling the flight and bumping passengers, should determine arrival time at the airport.
– Pack light and know baggage limits.
– Remember 3-1-1. Travel-size toiletries of three (3) ounces or less that fit comfortably in one (1) quart-size, clear plastic zip-top bag and the one (1) bag per passenger must be placed in the screening bin.


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