Today's date is January 19, 2022

No Casinos “Disappointed” after Rick Scott veto on Lottery Ticket warnings


Anti gambling expansion group, No Casinos, has issued a statement over Governor Rick Scott’s decision to veto legislation that would have placed warnings about the dangers of gambling on lottery tickets.

“The Florida Lottery has exploded from a once-a-week drawing, as promised to voters in 1986, to a major gambling enterprise featuring 11 weekly drawings and 82 different scratch off games that can cost up to $25 to play, according to published reports by the Florida Lottery.” said No Casinos President John Sowinski “News reports document that advertising for the Lottery heavily targets low-income communities. That the state owns the lottery makes it no less prone to create problem gamblers and damage vulnerable household budgets.”

In his veto letter, the Governor cites “burdensome regulations” as a reason for his decision and the lottery’s contributions to the state’s education system.

The bill passed overwhelmingly in the Florida House of Representatives by a 114 to 3 vote.

“We are disappointed that the state will not include a label to warn players of the potential addictive nature of these games. A state engaged in an activity that can do harm to its residents owes them at least that much.” continues Sowinski.


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