Today's date is January 24, 2022

Orlando Congressional Delegation urges Donald Trump to release National Security Strategy


On Wednesday morning, the Orlando Congressional Delegation, along with the Democratic Caucus National Security Task Force and 54 other members of Congress, sent President Donald Trump a letter urging the administration to submit a mandated National Security Strategy.

Orlando Representatives Stephanie Murphy, who sits on the task force, Val Demings, and Darren Soto all signed off on the correspondence that in part reads.

“We are growing increasingly concerned that you have yet to delineate a strategy to guide foreign policy decision-making and have yet to nominate or achieve confirmation of individuals for key national security positions who are needed to develop and execute that strategy.”

The call comes as tensions around the globe continue to rise with a recent string of terror attacks in the U.K, elevated hostility in Syria, and continued concerns over national security in cyberspace involving countries like Russia and China.

White House policies involving national security have thus far been tied to other issues like immigration, where the Trump administration has tried to impose travel bans on middle eastern countries and the construction of a wall along the Mexican border.

“Given the rapidly-changing threats to our nation, this administration must demonstrate it has a comprehensive strategy to protect the homeland and our nation’s interests abroad,” said Murphy. “A national security strategy provides a blueprint for meeting our national security challenges. Without this document, we’re essentially flying blind with no sense of priorities. I urge President Trump to submit his national security strategy as soon as possible so that we can work together more effectively in keeping America safe.”

Murphy, Soto, Demings


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