Today's date is December 5, 2022

AFP Florida wants Marco Rubio to “seize opportunity” for Tax Reform


Grassroots Free Market Group, Americans for Prosperity, is out with a new digital buy on Thursday calling on Florida Senator Marco Rubio to “seize opportunity” for tax reform in Washington. The move comes as Congress prepares to tackle reforming the tax code this summer.

The ad features a photo of Rubio with a call to action for activists to call his office and ask him to support AFP’s plan to “un-rig” the economy.

“Congress has a once in a generation opportunity to fix our broken tax code.” said AFP Florida State Director Chris Hudson “Americans deserve new system that is honest and fair, and that will also help grow the economy and create jobs. Senator Rubio can be a leading voice in the effort to passing pro-growth tax reform based on AFP’s 5 Principles of simplicity, efficiency, equitability, predictability, and no new burden on taxpayers. We strongly urge him to make this issue a top priority.”

Rubio has been open to the possibility of reform. The real opponent could be his Democratic colleagues in the Senate, including fellow Florida Senator Bill Nelson, who have been bearish on the White House’s early plans to change the tax code. AFP has made a similar buy also directed at Nelson.

AFP and Rubio have been friendly in the past. Last year the group took an “express advocacy” role in helping him win reelection and later invited him to speak at their annual summit held here in Orlando.


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