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Report: Big changes planned for Epcot


As Disney’s Epcot approaches its 40th birthday, several major changes are in the works for the theme park.

According to a report by WFTV, construction permits have been filed that show the Universe of Energy pavilion will be among the areas being remodeled. The attraction has not changed substantially since a new video was added to the ride in 1996 starring Ellen DeGeneres, and some repainting and upgrades to the audio and computer systems in 2009.

Tom Corless of WDW News Today, a Disney blog, told WFTV he believes Universe of Energy will be replaced with a new roller coaster. Other sources have speculated about a “Guardians of the Galaxy” ride or a “Tron” cycling ride, like the one at Shanghai Disneyland.

Other filed permits show plans to add a new attraction in the World Showcase area of the park, between France and Morocco, that is rumored to be a “Ratatouille” themed ride, inspired by the 2007 Pixar film about a rat who wants to become a chef.

The construction work is planned to be conducted in phases, so as to minimize disruption to the operation of the park, with the goal to be completed in time for the park’s 40th anniversary in 2022.

Photo by Rian Castillo via Flickr.

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